The SACRED SEASON® story began with a powerful spiritual moment in my life, the morning of March 19th, 1994. That moment prompted me to make a completely spontaneous promise to God, which I never imagined would be so difficult to keep!

In fact, keeping this promise has been so difficult, I can't tell you the number of times I've asked myself over these years: " What was I thinking??!!"

Let me explain: I never promised God that I would sell any thing.

I did promise that I would spend the rest of my life in thanksgiving, trying to find some way to share with people how God has worked in my life - and how much He loves us and wants to interact with us - if only we would open our hearts and minds, eyes and ears so we could grow to know more about Him.

When the idea for SACRED SEASON "popped into my head" in the Summer of 1995 - I thought it was just plain odd, because I'm color-blind and, while creative, not a skilled artist by any means.

But over the years, I've come to see that SACRED SEASON is a tool - an instrument - that helps to (as one person told me years ago) "crack open the window & whisper: "Psst! Come here & take another look at God!"

SACRED SEASON is not about lecturing or dictating to anyone. It's about the messages of Joy, Hope, Love, and Peace - about Healing, Compassion, Forgiveness, and most of all, about Faith - rooted in all the stories that fill the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.

For those who struggle with belief and are searching for a path to our Creator - I hope SACRED SEASON touches your heart & soul.

For those who aren't Christian - but who follow a path to God nonetheless - I hope you will find in SACRED SEASON tender messages that enhance your walk in faith and enlighten you about Christianity.

For those who are Christians, who already believe - I hope you enjoy the ornaments & that these messages encourage you to joyfully share and celebrate your faith.

For those who are Christians - but who feel God is remote & disengaged from your life - and who remain isolated and disaffected by the institutional Church - I hope these messages will stir you and call you to open your hearts, one more time , and to take another look.

For those who don't know anything about Christianity and who are totally "turned off" by what you see - please forgive all of us Christians as we stumble repeatedly on this journey, and fail to reflect the Love that Jesus told us to share.

But please, don't hold our failings against Jesus. He's surely exasperated with us, too - and our only hope rests in His endless Mercy and Forgiveness.

Please do take another look at the Heart & Soul & Light of Life.

Please open your hearts to the possibility that He is calling you to be a better witness to "His Way" than anyone you've ever met - and then, let your love shine before all.

Please keep your hearts open - God will not disappoint you!

So - my vision & hope is at once plain & yet difficult to express

I hope you will have many miraculous moments in your life - moments when it becomes startlingly clear that God is present and cares profoundly for your individual needs and fears, desires and concerns.

I hope that these designs will delight your eye, help you teach the Gospel to your children, support your friends & family in difficult times, and return the focus of Christmas and Easter to Jesus, where it should have been all along.

Beyond that, I pray that my company reflects Gospel values - and that I "walk the talk". When I stumble - I hope I am strong enough to stand back up and try again. And I pray that I "give back" from my profits - and help people who are homeless and hungry in the United States and around the world.

I never promised God I would sell anything - but I love every chance I get, to share the Gospel and the stories of how God has worked in my life, as I show people these SACRED SEASON designs.

This then, is my mission with SACRED SEASON and this website as my "tools": To share my stories & to invite you to hear Him, today, in this messy world of ours. I also promise to "give back" in thanksgiving & awe for the many ways God has blessed me.

Thank you for visiting this site and reading these messages!


Mary Margaret Cannon

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