Using SACRED SEASON® to decorate your home is limited only by your imagination! Here are some wonderful ways to add the colorful designs & uplifting messages of SACRED SEASON to your décor:

Christmas Trees & Christmas Tree Ornaments

OH yes, everyone automatically "thinks Christmas" when they see our beautiful SACRED SEASON globes & eggs - which is only natural, since they do have a hook on the top! Of course SACRED SEASON is indeed perfect as a Christmas tree ornament, plus, it literally keeps Christ in Christmas.

Take note of the gold cord that comes with every ornament. Approximately 4" long, we think it suspends the ornament perfectly "between the branches" so that the entire design on the globe is visible.

We've also used the ornaments on all sizes of trees - even 3' table-top trees - and you will be delighted to see that the scale of SACRED SEASON "fits perfectly" with every size tree & that every piece of the entire SACRED SEASON collection compliments each other.

Take a look at a wonderful book published by DK Publishing: CHRISTMAS STYLE - and see how the celebrated Dr. Christmas team of Bob Pranga and Debi Staron have used SACRED SEASON to decorate celebrity homes & more for Christmas! Click here.


Easter Trees & Easter Tree Ornaments

A "new" American tradition from the South that has spread to the Midwest and is growing in popularity every year, is the Easter Tree.

There are several ways to make one for your home:

  • » You can also purchase either dogwood/cherry blossom branches - or even a small tree! - and hang SACRED SEASON from the branches.
  • » You can also purchase either dogwood/cherry blossom branches - or even a small tree! - and hang SACRED SEASON from the branches.
  • » Tie either real or silk branches into a sturdy bunch, using florist wire, and then place the branches in a large urn, weighed with small landscaping stones for a perfect tabletop display.) Then, hang SACRED SEASON from these branches for a beautiful tabletop Easter Tree.


Easter Eggs & Easter Baskets

  • » No one wants to miss out on chocolate Easter eggs! But now, you can also enjoy "heirloom eggs" - "In The True Spirit" of Easter - to be passed down from one generation to the next, year after year!
  • » Make a permanent Easter Basket centerpiece for your table - arranging SACRED SEASON "eggs" amid colorful pastel ribbon streamers and small foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. Dinnertime invites the children to "remember the story" each egg design represents - another lovely family tradition to cherish!
  • » What a wonderful occasion, too, to add to your SACRED SEASON collection every year - selecting another "egg" for an Easter Gift Basket, as an additional gift amid all the Easter candy!



There are so many ways to display SACRED SEASON as a table centerpiece in the dining room, entry hall table or on the mantle.

  • » Use large glass bowls, large glass hurricanes, or baskets as a "display base" to group a number of ornaments together. Placing the ornaments amid loose ribbon streamers is also a lovely effect.
  • » Use the free display stand that is included in every gift box to make a "display" of SACRED SEASON along a table runner or tablecloth. Here, too, ribbon streamers are beautiful accents.
  • » Use an assortment of styles and heights of crystal stemware in the center of the table - and place SACRED SEASON ornaments "in" each goblet.
  • » Use mirror tiles beneath your display - and add votive candles to accentuate the table's drama.


Chandeliers & Sconces

  • » A particularly striking way to display SACRED SEASON designs is hanging from a chandelier or sconce, with beautiful gold or silver wire ribbon using either thin ribbon, or wide "French-wired" ribbon.
  • » Hanging a group of ornaments from a chandelier over a low centerpiece is a unique way to bring Christmas & Easter decorations "to the table" for everyone to enjoy.
  • » To accentuate the brilliant SACRED SEASON colors hang a number of ornaments from the chandelier, above mirror tiles. Scatter votive candles along the mirror and enjoy the glittering light and reflection of colors and candles for your celebration table - at any time throughout the year.
  • » Even hanging just one ornament from a sconce is a beautiful way to display SACRED SEASON artwork, too.


Wreaths (indoor only!)

  • » Try securing 1-3 SACRED SEASON designs on the "inside top" of an artificial evergreen wreath opening, for a stunning display.
  • » For a stunning Easter Wreath try securing several SACRED SEASON eggs around a wreath of artificial flowers.
  • » Use tiny white lights around your wreath, to add drama to your wall display.

Mobile Hanging art

  • » Create a dramatic mobile to hang over a winding or curving staircase using an assortment of SACRED SEASON designs - or make a themed mobile, using multiple pieces of the same design.
  • » Imagine a mobile of the UNIVERSAL PEACE SYMBOL design, as a striking accent.
  • » Passionate gardeners will enjoy a mobile of floral designs.


Of course, there are many other wonderful ways to decorate your home with SACRED SEASON - just use the free display stand to place your design on a favorite table or curio shelf, and enjoy SACRED SEASON year-round!
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