Oh, the stories I can tell (and often do, given the chance) !!!

SACRED SEASON began with a powerful spiritual moment in my life, in the Spring of 1994 in South Nyack, New York - and finally saw the very first designs presented to the public in January of 1997 at the Atlanta Gift Show.

The long circuitous journey of SACRED SEASON would fill many more pages than available here - of struggles to overcome, challenges too numerous to mention, and of many wonderful miracles along the way.

This latest chapter has taken me to southern Virginia as I try to sail forward out of another storm. Still "small but mighty" - even "after all these years" - I must confess had I known what a wild and precarious journey I was beginning 12 years ago, I'm certain I'd never have had the strength and commitment to see this through!

So - the fact that this company is still in existence is no credit to me. It's just that I told my CEO, that if He wanted me to continue, He would have to "make a way where there is no way."

So far, He has - and the journey continues, as all my trust remains in Him.

Welcome, then, to my life's work. I hope my stories & the SACRED SEASON messages touch your heart in delightful and lasting ways.

Peace be with you!

Mary Margaret Cannon


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