Tender Garden

Price: $50.00
Item Number: 74001
Here is the complete text on the Inspirational Message Card included with this design:
What lovelier message could a woman give her love,
Than to tell him that her heart is his garden?

This primrose-filled flower pot evokes the
Beautiful peom by Alice Meynell:

"My heart shall be thy garden. Come, my own, into thy garden;
Thine be happy hours among my fairest thoughts,
My tallest flowers, from root to crowing petal -- thine alone."

May the love you share today
Sustain you in all ways throughout life
And fill your hearts with joy.

May your love form deep and abiding roots
In the garden of life
And remain nourished by your deovtion to one another.

Gift Box, Display Stand & Inspirational Message Card included.
4 ½” Globe -- Individually hand-painted on mouth-blown glass.
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