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Here is the complete text on the Inspirational Message Card included with this design:
For many centuries, the scallop shell has been used
In art as a symbol of Pilgrimage.
This life presents a wondrous opportunity to see God
In every moment, in every encoutner, in every person we meet --
So that one day,
We meet God face-to-face at the end of life's journey.
The desire to grow in God's Love and Light
Fuels our passage through this life, and
Opens our eyes and hearts
To the mysteries and miracles along the way.
Our entire lives are a pilgrimage to reach Heaven --
And if we commit ourselves to the Lord with all our hearts --
Putting Him above all else --
We will seek and receive the "Pearl of Great Price" and
Live with God in Paradise forever.
Gift Box, Display Stand & Inspirational Message Card included.
4" egg -- Individually hand painted on mouth blown glass
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