Miracle of the Great Catch

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Here is the complete text on the Inspirational Message Card included with this design:
At least once in our lives, we experience that pivotal moment which so
Deeply affects us, we are changed forever.

For Simon Peter and Zebedee's sons, James and John, that pivotal
Moment came when Jesus, Who was sitting in their boat just offshore
Teaching the crowds, instructed them to set sail and cast their nets --
Despite the fact they had fished all night and had caught nothing.

Simon Peter told Jesus: "Master, because you say so -- we will do it."

Imagine the stunned look on the faces of Jesus' followers,
To suddenly see the nets become full to overflowing with fish --
To the point of breaking.
Even when their partners joined them to help,
That boat, too, because full with fish -- So much so that they nearly sank!
Simon Peter was so shocked at this miracle, he cried out:
"Go away from me Lord -- I am a sinful man!"
But Jesus replied: "Don't be afraid -- from now on you will catch men."
And then -- Simon Petere and James and John
Left everything behind to follow Jesus. (Luke -- Chapter 5)

This design of a fishing net breaking apart, is a reminder to us that we should
Be open to those pivotal and miraculous moments in our life -- and answer
The Lord's call to draw us closer to Him.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to "Catch hearts for God" by showing our own enthusiasm for the Lord --
By following the example of Jesus?
Let us set sail with Him -- and cast our net of Christ's love wherever we go.

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4” Globe  -- Individually hand-painted on mouth-blown glass.
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