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Here is the complete text of the Inspirational Message Card included with this design:
Our life is a garden of memories --
And those memories tell the stories of our lives.

The best memories involve those dear to us --
And those whose love and example have graced our lives --
Especially of those we have loved, loving.
Even in sorrow, our memories sift and find the glimmers of hope and light --
Of lessons learned and journeys completed.

Thus, every memory brings beauty to our life -- if we are just open to it.

This design of a forget-me-not bouquet, contains a tender message
Of remembrance, famously penned by Gertrude Stein:

"When this you see, remember me."

Time and distance cannot ever dim the memories of those we love --
All of the memories which enriched our lives.

For all the joy and love you've given me --
I will always remember you with joy and love.

Gift Box, Display Stand & Inspirational Message Card included.
4 ½” Globe --Individually hand-painted on mouth-blown glass.
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